Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of Blue

Felt impatient, so started a meditation, and after 10 minutes, out of the blue, decided to call mom. In the middle of conversation, suddenly, asked her, "Do you love me?" and after a few minutes, "Do you love your self?" and at the end told her, "I love you too."

It was a difficult and emotional conversation for me, very much so, and I am surprised how such a simple conversation can be so difficult for a person ....


  1. Blogger should think about adding a "like this" botton as in facebook. Sometimes I just want to say "I liked this, a lot"...

  2. I totally agree with Nava........You have a great soul, ALIVE ( I don't want to call you by the name you chose for yourself as it is not you, at all).

  3. Thanks Anonymous, I guess we are all born with great souls :)

    As for the "dead" nickname: in Iranian mysticism, there is an important step in which you pass through a phase that you let go of your ego self, sometimes referred to as "dying", before you discover your true self, maybe I am going through that phase :)

  4. OK, I guess it is time to move on from "dead"


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