Friday, July 30, 2010


A very good 1990's movie I watched on our way back from Iran:

On a lighter note, ``how to train your dragon," was nice and entertaining with its moments:


  1. hey! welcome back! I was wondering whether you have comeback yet. How was the trip?
    you were missed.

  2. hi there! Thanks, I decided to stay away from my typical routines (including checking weblogs ;) while I was there ... I realized today that you have posted a few in July, good work :)

    The trip was quite interesting. I tried to stay away from politics and political discussions (which as you know are VERY common in Iran) and focused on individuals around me. I learned a lot and I had a good time. To be honest, it was hard to think about coming back to US the last couple of days ...

    Thanks again, I too missed your nice writings and the blogs I follow :)

  3. I just finished watching the "SMOKE". It was a good movie. Thanks for recommending it.

  4. I am glad you liked it and thanks for letting me know :)))


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