Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

After many years of separation, and even contempt, for football I watched the first two matches of the world cup, on and off, today. At some point, I suddenly realized the beauty of the game. The ultimate sense of physical and mental balance in the movements of individual players and in the team flow in the field. It was an amazing observation.


  1. I kind of know what you mean. I have been separated from football for a while. Now I can feel the energy from players, the team, and the audience even more. looking at things with fresh eyes usually does that.

  2. I've always felt that a football match is just like life. Anything may happen at any time, it may get exciting or boring, and the players gotta run with all their hearts, or they'll lose.
    Which team are you roting for?

  3. Daisy,

    For some strange reasons, I wanted to hate football for a long time ... Maybe part of my escaping from my roots and even some form of self-hatred ... but now that I have started using physical trainings as a healing and awareness method, my eyes are opened to the beauty of many things that I forced myself to hate ... kind of sad? :)

  4. Nava,

    I totally understand what you are saying ... part of my new fascination with football is exactly the point you mentioned, that football is so similar to life, and even has a strong social (work in team) aspect ... I have been very uneasy with this social aspect in my life, dealing with others, especially getting close to people, always have made me nervous and blocked ....


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