Thursday, June 03, 2010

Triviality of Living ?! :)

The vital part of life is how we live it, the act of living, what we do.
Not what we think, not an abstract concept, like love, God, religion, science, Zen, mindfulness, or any other concept in the realm of mind.
I have a feeling, based on many trial and errors and learning the hard way, that if you keep this order right you are almost there :) Of course, I am not there ...

I have to find a way to get this right, so I am going to try saying it again and again until I hit the right note :))


  1. Since this is interestingly what I have figured out recently (and still reflecting on) as well, let me tell you that instead of thinking about it and/or saying it over and over, you should just let it go, and just do it.

    OK, I confess, I am still trying myself, to make it an action rather than a concept. This "trying" is exactly what I think should be given up...

    After all, you are the one who's the master of breathing at the moment :)

  2. Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

    I only disagree with the last sentence :)) I am a beginner who has been practicing for two years ... If I really knew something, I would have shut up and just did it!! :))))


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