Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My body has been learning a lot about balance in life especially from my swimming practices.
I have learned that to gain balance it is important to be relaxed.

In my meditations I realized that to stay relaxed it is important to keep a sense of humor.

One thing my body realized while swimming today was that having a focused core (hara, tanden) helps my balance.

So it seems that relaxation has to be around a stable core. And at the same time, the focus on core has to be with a sense of humor!

What is the core of my life --- what should be my point of focus?
How can I keep my sense of humor at the same time that I keep my focus on the core?

I am not going to think about these questions, and won't try to intellectualize them (beyond writing this post :)
I am sure that the answers will emerge during my daily practice of life :)


  1. Have you ever tried Tai Chi? Interestingly, I found the balance around the core there, and I was lucky enough at one stage to be among a group of Tai Chi practitioners, who had an incredible sense of humor...mosly seniors you know! So I have experienced both at the same time, which was equal to a deep meditation.

  2. For a brief period, a few years back, and at that time I was in a completely different zone :) Unfortunately, I could not connect with it, and it made me very frustrated!!!

    Anyway, it is very interesting that you have experienced similar things with Tai Chi ... as the saying goes, the number of ways is the number of travelers, every one has its own path ;)


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