Sunday, May 02, 2010

Unconditional Love and Trust --- A Genetic Disorder !?! :)

A story on NPR that fascinated me:


``A Life Without Fear
Isabelle, 9, was born with a rare genetic disorder that, among other things, means she is biologically incapable of not trusting people. Her pathological trust of everyone has made for some serious challenges in raising her, but Isabelle's parents say there are also rewards to a child with boundless love and trust."


  1. I had a little girl with Williams on my case load. Very very sweet beautiful 7 year old and very challenging to work with.
    Sometimes I wonder what it would be lile if everyone ad Williams...

  2. you seem to have seen everything! :)

    The fact that this is a "disorder" (or an uncommon genetic case) indicates that at some point there might have been more of them but they could not survive (evolutionary forces, etc.)

    Apparently, violence, distrust, and such are deeply programmed into us ...


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