Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Shadi Sadr: My Take

Now that it has cooled down, here is my idiosyncratic interpretation.

There is a non-trivial distinction between "women/human/individual rights" as concepts and as practices.

Example: Reading a couple of books on sports, a typical person would "intellectually agree" on the concepts such as (1) relaxation is important for balance and performance in physical activities, (2) using muscles of hip and abdomen area results in huge improvement in performance in physical activities.
However, to be able to "practice" such ideas effectively, a person needs years and decades of practice!

Therefore, even if everyone in Iran agrees on the concepts such as "women equal rights", it does not make much of a difference until it becomes a practice in daily lives of the majority of people. Social practices only change over generations, whether we like it or not. Parents have to train themselves to understand and implement, at least partially, individual rights, including women rights, so that their children grow up in such an environment, and then themselves, push the movement one step further.

In my mind, even though government can facilitate/hinder the process, it is NOT the main factor in this process.  Let us quit blaming others (foreign countries, government, religious conservatives, men, ....) and start improving ourselves. Self-improvement in practice is much more difficult than writing pretty slogans on our weblogs, but it is the only meaningful road to a better future!


  1. I agree. The government is not the main factor, but they do have an influence. An easy example, the safety belts in the cars. It didn't become popular until there were big tickets for it.
    Also, it is very difficult to change the viewpoint of the public, when there are hidden but routine "cultural" education in the media. Look at the TV series and movies. It induces some classic stereotypes so strongly that anything other than that would have a difficult time to survive, whether it is women objecting the daily behaviour of the society towards them, or men starting to play fair for their girlfriends/wives/female partners.
    There is a LONG road to go in Iran on any equality for men/women and only some have started walking this road in small steps.
    Thanks for your take though. It was fair and neutral.

    BTW, hi again after a while :)

  2. i really liked this post. Shared it in gooder as well. Are you a "gooderist" at all?
    and about your question/comment, Khanoom Vala was a real character. Well, I only changed the name but she was a big part of hour childhood. I think of her a lot, have no idea what she is up to now.

    I really enjoy your thoughtful comments, wish I had time to get back to you on all of them.

    in peace,

  3. Hello Nava,
    good to see you and thanks for your comment.
    I agree with your points, yet, I wanted to emphasize the distinction between intellect and practice :)

    I have been totally absorbed in a phase of change and learning about myself .... Hope all is well with you :)

  4. Hello Shadi,
    Thanks for your kind words. I only use gooder through the shared items on your weblog ! :)
    I am starting to see that all of us have such amazing events in our lives, however, some of us have a keen eye to see them and the right tools to express it! Others, either do not "see" or ....
    Don't worry about getting back, that is what friends are for :)))


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