Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confusion, ... Trust

I am more and more convinced that a lot of things that we thought of as "intellectual" or "spiritual" are indeed bodily experiences.

Trust is a vivid example for my point. Most people would think of trust as a concept that mind has to deal with. Whereas trust is an experience that comes out of long practice and a bodily acceptance (letting go).

Consider the Kyudo master in the above video. At the full draw, the bow weight, easily 20 kg and more, is focused on a small, 1 sq-mm, edge in the glove! Nevertheless, if you touch the muscles of the forearm of a master, they are completely relaxed. This is only possible if the archer "trusts" the glove and his body, as even a slight rotation in the glove hand can lead to a premature release. This trust is only developed over many years of practice. It is -NOT- an abstract idea ...

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