Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I am exploring

the gray area between "letting go" and "giving up"
A bit ironic for a "dead man" anyway :)

1) So far, I have found a good deal of depression there!

Water flows, patiently, takes me down
Creatures of deep, welcome me back
Breeze, making serene waves, says farewell

2) After the sentimental phase passed, I discovered another animal in the gray area, and that was the importance of accepting the "responsibility of own decisions", fully.

3) In the midst of the up and downs of the past couple of days, for a brief interval I experienced a clarity of vision and focus, which was new to me!

4) Some souvenirs from my trip :)))

Bach, Air on the G string (Air on a G string, string orchestra):

Chopin, Nocturne in B Major, opus 32 no.1, Piano Solo (animated score):


  1. funny, I always thought there is a clear cut between the two! But, I guess you're right. There is a gray area between them. That's when people disagree whether one should "let go" or not ;)

  2. Salaan Shadi,

    You got me really confused :) I would think that "letting go" is almost synonym to "giving up", am I confused?? :))

  3. Probably I am confused after watching almost six seasons of Lost ;)

    I think we use "letting go" more for thoughts and regrets, and "giving up" for giving up of things that can be done, but you give up trying!!!

    Yeah... they are synonyms, I guess. I just have to think "lost-less" :D

  4. You are absolutely right :) In reality I felt something and I wrote something, and it makes some sense to me :)))

    I have watched Lost for only 10 minutes or so ... and I sort of feel lucky :)))


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