Friday, May 14, 2010


I realized that many emotions that I "reflect" in my daily life are fake. Why? Don't know and not sure if I care to "know" the answer ... As typical of me, I like to find some practices to deal with this :) Maybe I need to work more on being present, especially in my contacts with myself and others.

Entering a mindful-meditative state is relatively easy, but maintaining it while working, making decisions, and specially contacting with others is much more difficult. That is one reason that Kyudo can be life changing, over long enough period of time :))

PS. [2013-01-11] I was exactly right then, a lot of my emotions were fake at the time. The emotional honesty has come at a great price, by letting myself to be emotionally open and involved with the world around me, and by allowing myself to fall in love. 

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