Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Insights Based on Personal Experience

  1. Life consists of balance points. When things do not work you may have to move from one point to the other.
  2. To move between points, you need to slow down, almost to the point of stillness and learn the new point habits and de-learn or forget the old point habits.
  3. To get proficient in the new balance you need patient practice. You need to start slow and increase your speed little by little. If you try to increase your pace too much, too soon, you will get back to old habits that would have defined the old point of balance.
This is my current understanding of the process of "Change".


  1. It is interesting: I have been talking with my friend a couple of days ago about old and new habits. And realized that it is really better to start very slow, with little steps rather than take a hude load of new rules and habits of the day.

  2. Interesting indeed: we discover similar things in our own unique ways. It has definitely happened a lot throughout the history :)


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