Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eureka HENEK !

I have written many times here about driving slowly in our neighborhood and the sense of euphoria I get from it.

Today, Sima and I were coming back from the Alon's Bakery, and the temperature is about 63, so we opened car windows and slowed down. Hearing the voices of birds and surroundings, I suddenly realized a faint memory of many years back in Iran. When we went to Kerman in summers, many times my dad and uncles took me to a place 1-2 hours outside city, a series of villages, and our destination village was HENEK. They went for hunting, birds and other animals. The road was very rough so we had to slow down to about 10-15 km/hour. In the hot summer days, those villages on the hills of mountains enjoyed a cool weather. I always remember a breeze, so light and heavenly. At low speeds, you could feel the breeze, hear the birds, and all other nature sounds. Even at that young age, I could feel serendipity, some deep happiness, and calmness around.

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