Sunday, November 01, 2009

Short Movie :))


[2012-10-25]: Starts in our backyard and the last few shots are in Piedmont park. :)


  1. wooooow! breath taking! you know, nothing can reboost me like nature.

  2. Long time no news my buddy pal!!

    I miss living in a place where you can actually see and feel different seasons


  3. Thanks Shadi, glad you liked it

    where do you live Kasra?
    here fall and spring are relatively short. specially the beautiful part of fall is 2-3 weeks at most ... the beauty of death :)

  4. Very Nice.
    But this is technically not a "movie", right?

    Btw, I couldn't open it here, I watched it on your facebook page.

  5. It is whatever you wanted it to be :))))

    Glad you liked it and thanks for pointing out the problem ... I can watch it on my office computer (not the laptop I made it on), so I do not know what is wrong ...

  6. Hi Cuckoo jan,

    I live in Los Angeles. All year round everything (season) looks the same. It gets cold a bit in winters, but the look of the seasons does not change much which I believe it not healthy for the mind and soul.


  7. people pay high real state prices and move to california .... but i can see your point :)
    anyway, appreciate the value of what you have, and if you can't do it right now, make a plan to live in midwest or northeast for a couple of weeks in winter, then you probably will :)))


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