Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fears and Hopes

Do you know your worst fear in life?
Do you know your biggest hope?

1- I am just interested in "yes/no" answers! I understand that the complete answer is very personal, and I do -not- want you to reveal that information :)))

2- I do -not- know the answer for myself, and that's why I became interested, that how many people do and do not know the answers :)


  1. I do and I'd like to answer both, BUT then you will know me too well !


  2. I made a correction: I just meant yes or no, so the questions are literal, exactly for the reason you mentioned. The complete answer is too personal.

  3. I know my fear. My hopes however, are many, they change priority very often!

  4. Thanks Shadi for answering the questions.

    Also, thanks Kasra, I guess your comment implies that you also know both.

  5. Yes and No. I know them for now once I overcome the fear or my wish comes true , there comes another one.!

  6. Thanks "Born" for the response and for offering the perspective

  7. yes and yes. The second one might change. It's hard to say.

  8. Thanks Daisy for your answer, I appreciate it :)


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