Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr Drew and Sex Rehab :)))

I like Dr. Drew [Wiki page], in a kind of nostalgic way :))) His "Loveline" show on MTV, hosted with Adam Carolla, was one the first shows I discovered after I came to the US about 11 years ago. I remember vividly late cold cold winter nights that I would come back from campus, listening and laughing to their radio show. Sima thinks he is a good man who shares the pain of his patients. (She is typically right on the spot when it comes to feeling things :))

He has a new reality show on Vh1, "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" [web page], which I have liked so far. Not only the pain these dudes (sex addicts) go through in this show is amazing, but it is fascinating how difficult it is for everyone to face his or her dark/hidden aspects. Plus the show is funny in a way :)

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