Thursday, October 08, 2009

Isha Yoga and etc.

A friend today gave me an introduction to Isha yoga and tonight in my search to find more information I came across the following discussion. It is WAY over my head. I never thought that yoga has such complex dimensions ....


  1. There are many people who have experienced negative results with Isha yoga.

    Of course, as you see in that yoga forum, when someone has an undesirable result, Isha blames the meditator. When something goes well, Isha gives credit to the practice.

    Keep your eyes and ears open if you choose to go to an Isha program.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the info!

    I am interested in yoga, very much, but currently I practice three other areas, tennis, swimming, and Kyudo, and cannot add a new one in the short term, maybe sometimes I will be destined into yoga ... :)))


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