Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flood ... Again???

Heavy rains yesterday, limited flooding around Atlanta.
Today is relatively dry :)
Heavy rains in the forecast for Wed and Thu ...

And I am obviously depressed.
Not just because of rain and such.
The past couple of weeks have been strange.
Like old days ...


  1. hah! I wish I could be like old days. I was happy then...

    And just FYI it was -5 last night here and in the mornings we have frost on car shields. I am going through a rather difficult time and the Canadian Winter sure is not going to help at all!

    Hope you feel much much better soon.

  2. Isn't it interesting ...

    I remember that kind of cold weather from my student time in Urbana-IL, I guess I prefer rain to the cold too :)
    I realize that winter does not help in difficult times, but for me staying physically active helps.

    Thanks for your comment, I like to think that bad days make good days more meaningful ... how about that :))


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