Friday, September 11, 2009

Teen Age

[This post] was interesting to me at different levels. I found it via comments on [a Golabi's post]
and I first wanted to leave another comment there. But then I decided to be more straightforward with it and put it here. I do not want to talk much about what I found interesting in that post, but I thought you may also "feel" it :)


  1. Thanks a lot for your kindness !
    sincerely , !
    Administrator of :

  2. I am not particularly kind :) I just liked the spirit of that post and wanted to share it with others!
    And I guess in 39 I am missing my teen age :))))

    Anyway, you are welcome!!

  3. I read the post. I thought this is one of the attributes and properties of being a teen-ager to magnify (or overact!?) the inner character; and depending on the emotional and psychological state each one has, they do this differently, which in turn creates those cliques she is talking about. The fact that most young people in those ages are still in process of finding themselves, creates the confusion and sense of being lost.
    The post brought back lots of memories
    good ones :)
    as well as bad ones :(

    what can I say? I miss it like hell!

  4. You are probably right in your analysis, kasra.
    yet, i just felt some freshness and memories in that post and i did not try to analyze it as much :))

  5. Good evening my friend :)
    just thought if you like dance performances, you might like these two scenes from "Salome" also. The story of Salome and her famous "dance of seven veils!!!!!" is too well known. I am sure you know it. here they are:



  6. Thanks Kasra! These dances have a totally different feeling than the Chinese one, but they are beautiful!


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