Saturday, September 05, 2009

Smoking and more

After almost 30 years of struggling with smoking cigarettes, quitting and picking it up again, feeling a mix of hate and depression and anger, now I have reached peace with it :)

Past few days I got into a bad habit :) and this time, instead of fighting with it, or being judgmental, I am simply observing it and letting it develop as "it" wishes. Let's see what will happen.

2014-12-02: I am still struggling :) Some things never change. Although, it is much easier now to deal with it.


  1. about the first paragraph: tell me about it!! :(

    about the second paragraph: whatever that "it" is, hope you let us know the result of its development :)

    By the way,do you know what Mark Twain said about quitting smoking?

  2. I guess I heard it, even though I cannot remember it now.

    I did not quit smoking, I smoke a couple of them per week. If someone told me only a couple of years ago that this will happen, I would not believe it. I was either smoking a few per day, or nothing at all, and always was fighting one way or the other :)

    About "it", I still do not feel secure enough to discuss/be open about it publicly, but I am as curious as you are in seeing what will happen :)))

  3. We are at our best when we come to peace with ourselves. Meaning when we do what like to do. I am against any change to my behavior because "they say so"; it has to come from the within, esp at our age!


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