Wednesday, September 02, 2009


As you start trusting in yourselves, accepting who you are without prejudice, dropping self-judgments and instead embracing your self unconditionally, something strange happens.
You cannot use the morals and rules about right and wrong that you have learned your whole life.
Then, you feel a drive to reach within for a guidance, and this is terrifying and amazing at the same time!


  1. This guy some sort of a professor was speaking on NPR the other day; he was saying many of the so-called lessons we teach our children are just absolutely inconsistent with real life. For instance we keep telling our children not tell lies and lies are bad and ... but in real life we cannot live without lies. The poor child grows up and has to dig the sky and earth to find an excuse why he/she needs to make up a story / tell a lie when he/she needs to (to justify it). Why not change some of our early teachings?
    It's a bit too late for us...nut may be for our children.

  2. To unlearn what you have learned, and in process of re-learning, struggle to avoid some things you are used to, and ejnoying doing some other things you never thought you could enjoy doing.

    I love Nihil Nimls!


  3. Thanks you both, Born and Kasra, for your comments. Since the post was based on a moment of reflection, I cannot add much. It was that moment, which is already gone :)))

  4. I guess it was part of "presence is about 15 minutes!"


  5. Kasra, you are a very good observer, I am impressed :)))


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