Monday, September 21, 2009

Flooded Atlanta :)

Monday, 2009-09-21, 5:30:
It has been raining on and off, intermittent with showers and thunderstorms, for six-seven days now. Different part of metro Atlanta are facing flood. Our backyard is a scene. Small streams are running everywhere and the pool is full of brown water, because of the mud entering pool!
There is a sewer opening right beside our house, and fortunately, it is still working, that is, not clogged by debris, etc. Some water entered house from around chimney, but so far inside house is pretty dry.
I am not sure if this situation can continue for another 5-6 days, as forecasts indicate!
It is going to be an unforgettable experience, something tells me :))

Monday, 2009-09-21, 9:30:
Things have been quiet for a couple of hours. We checked our neighborhood and there are not much damages, except for a few fallen trees. But the news we hear from other parts are not good.

Monday, 2009-09-21, 11:30:
Nothing new around here. Lots of power and water outages throughout metro area. We have to see about tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2009-09-22, 12:00:
Thins seem to be back to normal, and even sun has come out for a couple of hours now :)


  1. Thanks, we are fine, we have to see what happens tomorrow :)

  2. And I do not know why on Earth they say "London is the rainy place" !!
    We are having the sunniest week in London now! While even in "Tehran" sky has started crying to welcome the Autumn...

    Be Safe.

  3. Parinaz, we have had a severe drought for the past couple of years, but it should be over now :))) Enjoy sunny days in London as much as you can :)

    Niloofar, today sun came out for the whole afternoon, and thanks for your wishes :)

  4. I am really sorry to hear all these. I hope nothing serious happens...

  5. Thanks Aidin, nothing serious happened to us/our house, although it was really scary at some points :))


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