Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conjecture :)

If you focus your eyes on a moving object, you feel that it moves at a slower pace, compared to when you are just looking without focus. The more is your mental focus, and the more relaxed you are, the object "appears" to move slower. Many say that it may even "appear" larger. (I had mentioned this before in [this post] about watching snow!]) At high levels of concentration, this called entering the "zone" in sports jargon.

We have all experienced periods in our lives that everything seems hectic. Events attack us from left and right, and we feel stressed out and worried all the time.
My conjecture is that, in such cases, if we start focusing on what is happening in the moment then things start to slow down, and we can handle each one much easier.


  1. It does not snow where I live and I miss it.

    I have to try your method. It could help a wandering mind like mine!

  2. It snows here once in three years, so I was lucky :)

    Good luck, It is a journey !

  3. I don't Think so !
    I usually don't focus on promblems and let them pass fast . I think it's better . It's easier than your conjecture and has a better result . If you don't focus on a problem , it seems so easy for you . so , You can solve it better .
    I think every event in life , is simple for people who behave simply with it !

  4. Niloofar, I will think about what you said and experiment with it!
    Thanks for your suggestion.


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