Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today, I am having my breakfast in office after a while, and coincidentally, I have a company. The downtown hawk is having a pigeon on top of the building in front of my office.

P.S. 1: She was busy eating for a couple of hours and yet was not donet. She did not have to finish her breakfast and get back to work!

P.S. 2: Another coincidence. A friend posted this link on facebook:
and a discussion is following, in which I ask why human should be different from other animals (the hawk :) that kill their food with utmost definiteness and no respect for its (animal being killed) well-being.


  1. There's no precise answer to any "why".

    The answer lies in you: Do "you" feel OK doing that? If the answer is "yes", so be it. And if it is "no", the same.

    I couldn't be more precise ; )


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