Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Insightful Quote

From "The New Rules of Posture" by Mary Bond:

"During breathing practice, be sure that you do not take in more air than you need as you attempt to slow your exhalation. The whole point is lost if you overbreathe. Dysfunctional breathing patterns are often linked to perfectionism, so, if you approach breathing practice with the wish to get it right immediately, you'll narrow your chance of success. Changing your breathing requires patience, persistence, and respect for your body's capacity to change at itw own pace." (p. 88)


  1. No, but Sima does ;)
    I like yoga, but have not started it yet :)
    however, I am learning more about my body, which is quite fascinating !

  2. For a long time I used to think Yoga is stupid and can't do much for the body but one session and I found out I was absolutely wrong! It's amazing no matter how much of a rookie you will learn to love your body in an incredibly unique way..try it.

  3. Thanks, I will ... waiting for the right time :))


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