Monday, August 10, 2009


From "The Conscious Manager" by Fred Phillips, a quote from R.G.H. Siu:

"A striking impression can be gathered from the sumiye school of painting. The spirit of Zen is marvelously expressed. The painting is executed on paper so thin that the slightest hesitancy will cause it to tear. The strokes are swift and decisive. They are final and irrevocable, like a castrated steer. There can be no retouching. The objects are always embodiment of movement depicting the becomingness of nature and the free expression of the intuitive spirit." - R.G.H. Siu

By the way, this Sunday our Kyudo sensei had three original Japanese paintings from a couple of centuries ago hanging on the wall, very nice ink paintings.

Finally, even though I find the idea of finality of actions "intellectually" interesting, I still have not felt it myself. I am trying to be at peace with my hesitancy at this stage .... :)

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