Sunday, August 09, 2009

Some Thoughts on Salvation! :)))))

Let's suppose that there are two main bases for morals that are closely related:
1- Loving your self unconditionally,
2- Trusting your self unconditionally.
Unconditionally means even if you have done something that is considered very appalling by society and yourself, or have made a very serious mistake in your judgment. (You can see how the two are closely related?) "Bases" in the sense that you can genuinely love, trust, help, ... others only when you trust and love your self.

You see that starting from this assumption, clearly the more mistakes you commit, the less will be your love and trust for your self, and you get trapped in a vicious circle! You do not really need to assume truth of God or religion to realize that committing acts that you think are bad can have very serious consequences for your life.

The only way out of the vicious circle is to stop judging, and start embracing and trusting your self. This is not religious, it is more of a simple observation!

The idea is very simple, but there are little that I know in terms of "practices" to help. Yes, you need to "practice" new ways of doing things. No matter how much you "think" about these things, nothing will change until you "do" something. In fact, to be able to trust and love your self, you need to put analytic thinking under control.

Therefore, I have to stop. Truth is typically very simple to envision, although may be hard to get at, and talking makes things only worse :)


  1. yes, i totally agree. self love is THE art that we tend to often forget or mistake it with being self centered or being desensitized (which is ok if it is constructive). I think why we ignore ourselves roots back to multiple factors, socio cultural values, family and childhood and more.
    Constant awareness of oneself though is damn good humbling practice!

    o, and I answered the comments on my page. just because another person was involved.

  2. Thanks for your comment and also for your answer.

    When I write it is equally from my questions and wonders. I do not have clear answers to many issues I bring up ...

  3. Even though I agree with the third paragraph to the end, I don't see a vicious circle here. If you love yourself unconditionally and trust yourself so, everything would be fine: Whatever "I" does is "right", because "I" has done it. Of course there's gonna be a judgement system which is gonna be based on "I" and its actions.

  4. You are right, my point is that the "if" in your second sentence is a very very big "if" :)))))) Needs years of practice to achieve!

    For typical people like me, though, a vicious circle may exist :)


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