Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Felt quite lucky when I found this book a few days ago in a friend's house, or did I have an open eye for things related to "body" after my previous post? :)

The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World

by Mary Bond

From the book, pages 4-5:

"I see posture not as how you hold your body when you are still but as how you carry it while you are moving. ....
Your posture emerges from your interactions with the world around you. It emerges out of how you orient yourself to the events of your life, how these events feel in your body, and how you move toward or away from the people or things involved. ...
... posture is also influenced by cultural and religious standards, by geographical features such as crowded streets or open terrain, by weather and clothing, and by media images that dictate what is attractive. ... [and[ your relationship with gravity.

We organize our posture in two ways: by orienting our body in space and by stabilizing it so we can move without falling."
And the book becomes more and more amazing. When I find time, I will add more fascinating quotes :)

It has a nice, hidden, relation to the consciousness-awareness that is a focal point of Zen practice.


  1. It sounds to be an interesting book!
    Share more quotes please!


  2. Thanks, I am glad you liked it, and I will try :))

  3. I just added it to my wish list on amazon ;)
    I will certainly get it when I get back...

  4. Nice to see you here, Shadi, after a while ;)

    Glad you liked it, and take care!

  5. It sounds interesting. I will look for it the next time I go the book store.



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