Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scienc of Swich

Here is an article in Men's health, quite interesting, thanks to a friend who brought this into my attention.

There are some very intriguing ideas in the article, some of them closely related to the Zen practice and to Kyudo. It also has some interesting connections to my obsession with decision-making. Hopefully I will write more about this ...

Related, the "Free Throw: 7 Steps to Success at the Free Throw Line" book by Tom Amberry [on Amazon], I have not read it!
"On November 15, 1993, a white-haired, 72-year-old gentleman named Dr. Amberry stepped up to the free throw line and into the Guinness Book of World Records by sinking 2,750 shots in a row. He ended his 12-hour streak without a miss, stopping only because they had to close the gym for the night.

Dr. Tom Amberry was a podiatrist for 40 years, publishing many articles about various aspects of his profession."

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