Saturday, May 02, 2009

News from around the Globe :)

  • Sima is in Tehran, her trip went as planned. She says everything was fine, but the long trip was exhausting.
  • Today, after the tennis clinic finished, I was telling the coach (we are friendly) about something related to my game, when I suddenly realized that coach did not really give a fuck! After some reflection, I saw what friendship is about, listening. A friend is simply someone who listens and gives a fuck! A bit disappointing to understand this simple point after 40 years, but it is never late to learn, I guess :)
  • Last night I was grading finals til 3 am, and also watched "Barbarian Invasions" (a good French-Canadian movie) intermittently. Worked for 15-20 minutes and then watched the movie for 15-20 minutes. It was an interesting experience.
  • If you do not mind looking at nude women, here are two pictures that are beyond beautiful astonishing to me:
  • Watched "XXY", an interesting Argentinian film about adolesence, sex, etc.
  • Watched "The Last Winter", good horror movie, if you are remotely interested in this genre!


  1. When I put observations into word, they seem very stupid (to me) ... today I felt something deep about friendship ...

    thanks for your comment

  2. Did you see the curves on "Jennipher"? Amazing!!! ;) I added the movies to my "queue" too.

  3. I have 500 in DVD's and 246 in instant watch's :)


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