Tuesday, May 05, 2009

From us to our selves

Sometimes we make bad judgments (for example, we give long difficult final exams when we know that we have to grade 100 of them in 2-3 days) and then we expect everyone, including our selves, to suffer (e.g., we cut daily exercise, don't go to meetings & parties, complain to everyone including blog readers, and get depressed)!

If I could find a way to avoid bad judgment calls and "dynamic inconsistencies" ........

I just found an answer to the above question while grading: Rules and traditions are tools to avoid dynamic inconsistencies (in decision making) in the face of limited resources, Wow! I think I should make this into a research paper :)

2014-12-02: I think I have found an even better answer to this question. The ``Mahun method'' of non-abusive decision-making, adopted to long-term decisions and commitments :)


  1. "Rules and Traditions" are the sweet little things which work tirelessly to save us from The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

    Not having them, is just "being light"; which is unbearable, usually. "Freedom", in its extreme, is usually the hardest thing to cope.

  2. You may be right.

    I have intended to write about some related issues for a while now ... does not happen, though :)

    Anyway, thanks for your comment, I have read the book ages ago and then I liked it.


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