Monday, April 20, 2009

A Moment

I put this clip here, mainly because of the moments (of silence!) in the second minute. To me, there is something special, a sense of finality and no return, in those few seconds, like the moment that you release an arrow:

I am understating my level of amazement, there is so much animal feelings, fear, hope, and despair, shared by the group of people in that pause that it becomes ....


  1. No doubt it was a real moment!
    A moment full of complicated feelings...
    I got amazed too!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. On the same track, there is this:

    and "the moment" is ONLY 5 seconds at 1:17 !


  3. hey shadi,

    it is so nice to here from you after a long while ... checked your blog, oxford looks nice and your posts seems happy to me :)

    Sima told me you will be back soon, plan a visit to Atlanta with mazz then :)

    and thanks for sharing the clip!


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