Saturday, April 25, 2009

Different Thoughts on a theme

  • Moments are limited to a span of less than 10-15 minutes. To be in the moment, in present, you need to observe the limit.
  • Don't over-extend good moments. And remember that bad moments, if there are any, cannot stretch beyond a limit, the limit!
  • Try this once, beats everything else for me: On a sunny day of around 80, make 2-3 hours off your regular schedule and busy-ness, play your favorite outdoor sport (tennis for me) an hour or two, take a good shower, then drive in an old neighborhood under shades of tall old trees, listen to you favorite music (I strongly recommend J.S.Bach -- sonatas, like french or english, ...) with windows down, feel the air, and the sun glances from between branches, only for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remember: don't over extend good and bad moments ...
  • Remember: to be in the present, you need to reflect, and to be able to reflect, you need to breathe properly, so practice correct breathing, over and over ...
  • I guess this post does not make much sense except for myself :)

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