Friday, April 10, 2009


Today, I realized a possible answer to an old question of mine: what is the balance between the knowledge in written words ("knowledge") and the wisdom that we gain through practice ("wisdom")? In many previous posts, I expressed my suspicion about written words, in extreme case, their uselessness and potential harmfulness. But that was too extreme.

The right balance between "wisdom" and "knowledge" is toward "wisdom". Use "knowledge" of written words to release the hidden "wisdom" that your body has learned through practice. And if you really trust a body of "knowledge", in a book for example, practice it for a while and observe what you feel in your body. The wisest words are useless until they materialize in practice.

Wow, I thought I had something worth writing, but now it seems either trivial or meaningless! :)


  1. It was worth writing dear cuckoo! I liked your possible answer which seems true to me.
    But sometimes your can hardly put some kind of knowledge into can just understand and enjoy them...
    Or maybe I am not right!


  2. For someone dealing with depression, words and thoughts are dangerously lucid, they change meaning depending on the level of depression (or feeling good) ...

    You may be right, my statement is too general .. but I wanted to write my intuition even though I knew that most of it will be lost during the process ...

    thanks for you comment :)


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