Monday, April 27, 2009


After my previous posts, especially the last one, this is a bit ironic. We went to concerts from Bach Festival (at Spivey Hall, Clayton State University):
1- Academy of Ancient Music
Bach's Six Brandenburg Concertos [Sunday, March 29, 2009, 3PM - More Info]
2- Emmanuel Pahud, flute; Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord; Jonathan Manson, cello
Spivey Hall 2009 Spring Bach Festival [Sunday, April 26, 3PM - More Info]

Both concerts, I really enjoyed the beginning, especially the first one was really amazing. I strongly recommend it if you are into it. But in both concerts, at the end of the second session (each session about an hour with a 10 minute intermission) I was dreaming with my eyes open!! I could here the music but my thoughts were very strange ... Yep, sleeping while live performance of J.S.Bach, how cool is that :)
I have a story with that, almost all live performances I have gone to ... rock, jazz, classical, traditional-Persian were not as good as I had thought, for different reasons. Some of them (like rock concerts) were terrible! Most enjoyable were jazz because you could eat and speak while the band played, if it was at a club!!!

Well, it is off my chest now, I cannot stand music performances that long more than 20-30 minutes, no matter how much I love the music ....


  1. I know excatly what youre talking about.

  2. Yep, it still bothers me but what can I do :)


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