Saturday, March 14, 2009


If you are in Atlanta, and love Burger, you have to check "Voretx".

Anyway, read the "Rules" section on their website, "", It is really fun to read, ultimate libertarian (they had signs of Ron Paul on their walls, the only serious thing you could find there!).

Sima loved the place! When we went there last night there was a one hour wait, so we went to chech out a close by place, "Eno", which is a higher class, Mediterranean/European cuisine. Even though Eno's ambiance was very impressive, good jazz music, fancy wines, things that I typically love, but I could not bear it this time ... so I decided that we go back to Vortex, and we both felt much better there!


  1. Hey! What's going on in Atlanta?
    I'm not there...

  2. not much, same old!

    I know, but if you happen to be here and crave for a good burger then that is the place to go, just not with kids :)

  3. i'm a grown up! take me there, when i come for a visit... i will come some day:)

  4. I am sure you will come some day to Atlanta, and hopefully we will be here to take you to Vortex ... Just try to make it in nearer future :)
    and not this May, we will be in Iran then!

  5. LOL; thanks dude for the link. And thanks for coming around. It's nice to have some 'unseen' friends who would 'check on you'. Happy new year, BTW :)

  6. Happy New Year Cuckoo-ye-aziz!

    I wish you a great year filled with love and happiness!

    Noroozet mobarak and be happy!

  7. Aidin,
    you are welcome and happy Norouz to you!


    Thanks much, wish you the same in the New Persian Year!


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