Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decision Making - Part 0

I have been preoccupied with a couple of decisions that have been postponed for the past 2-3 weeks. The result had been frustration and sometimes depression. I am thinking about practical ways to improve decision making process, and tried looking up books and getting advice from friends, but without much success.

Today, while re-reading a chapter of Nihil-Nimus, I suddenly realized that the Nihil-Nimus approach (mindfulness) seems applicable to any task. The book has applied it to the three aspects of academic life, teaching, research/writing, and service. So, I can do the same and apply the basics to the decision making process, as a task. Here is a summary of basic rules. In the sequel I will try to expand on each one and write my interpretation!

Nihil-Nimus/Moderation/Minfulness Basics:
Rule 1: Wait Actively
Rule 2: Begin Early, Before Feeling Ready
Rule 3: Work in Brief, Regular Sessions
Rule 4: Stop Timely
Rule 5: Balance Prelimiaries with Formal Work
Rule 6: Moderate Overattachment and Overreaction
Rule 7: Moderate Negative Thoughts
Rule 8: Moderate Emotions
Rule 9: Let Others Do Some of the Work
Rule 10: Limit Wasted Efforts

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