Saturday, February 14, 2009

Romanticism and trust

I used to be a romantic, as many youngsters are, but I am convinced that romanticism for me is worst than spirituality. The best cure for romanticism is trusting that life does not have any significance, without feeling sad, betrayed, or rebellious. Cycles of life and death of all beings, interconnected as they are, are the result of a big coincidence. Each life is simply the extrapolation of other lives ending in total purposelessness!

We tend to look at trust, especially in relationships, as a romantic subject, whereas in reality, it is very mechanical. In Kyudo an archer must trust the equipments. For example, the right hand that pulls the string is inside a hard glove. The structure of the glove is such that archer can pull the string and at the same time keep the right hand relaxed. Trust has two main components: First, a physical training of the correct form such that the glove can actually perform, and second, relaxing the hand while pulling the string.


  1. It's been a while that I have been thinking about the word "trust" and what it really means to us...
    Recently, I have come to this conclusion that nothing is worth trusting!
    Actually nothing...

  2. I am a bit confused, you mean "nothing" or "nobody"?

    I feel trust involves some manipulation, it is not a completely innocent concept!


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