Saturday, February 28, 2009


Dealing with depression, from my experiences, has three important steps:
  1. Facing it
  2. Medical treatments
  3. Changing habits
Here are some clarifications:
  1. Most people, understandably, do not like to lable themselves "depressed". This makes perfect sense as long as the depression symptoms do not interfere with everyday life and do not last for a long period of time. Accepting the label, for most people, seems like a one way road with no return, and to some extent this is true. Treating depression is a long process, that can takes months if not years.
  2. Finding a good doctor is extremely important and nontrivial. Changing doctors, with moderation--when it does not seem to work, is acceptable and recommended. At the same time, depression is highly correlated with bad decision-making, like changing a good doctor when things are working! The BEST rule of thumb: Do not make important decisions when you are in a depression peak.
  3. Changing habits is the LEAST known part of the process. It is very hard to find practical approaches to changing habits. And what works for me does not necessarily works for you. For example, the "Nihil Nimus" recommendations have been consistently helpful to me.
There is a significant luck component in life, but we should remember that luck interacts with trying. The more we try, and not mind defeats, the higher is the likelihood that the luck changes in our favor.


  1. Interesting discussion!
    And I guess your personal definitions and resolutions sound great...
    But, when you say most people, understandably, do not like to lable themselves "depressed", it is not the only problem of not recognizing depressed people. I believe that nowadays 50 percent of people have hidden depression and they do not know they do!
    And I liked your point about "Luck"

    Be happy cuckoo jan.

  2. Thank you both for your comments.

    I guess I am trying to return favors, in the sense that I have met people who have been instrumental in changing my luck :) and I thought there may be someone who get some luck out of this post.
    maybe too ambitious but who knows ...

  3. I dont know if the article was about you or a general wisdom on depression. Here is my treatment advice on depression: make a commitment for two weeks (the reason for time is that during weekend decision making is more difficult as there are less routines to do) to make 20 attentive decisions per day (you have to journal it somehow otherwise would be difficult to memorize if you did so). 20 attentive decision: for example be attentive in choosing what you want to wear when you get ready for work, or what you want to eat (3 meals here) so already 4. They have to make it attentive like you actually stand in front of closet and think what colors and mix you like to have today. After two weeks there has to be 140 decisions that you made. My bet is that the depression will improve significantly. The logic behind it is that depression is a state of death and indecision. When one is depressed he is close to a mind death and dont want to make decision. An attentive decision making is like physical exercise for a lazy body. It stimulates the activity hormones.

  4. It is great to get unsolicited advice :) Thanks for sharing the wisdom!


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