Sunday, January 11, 2009


Spirituality, as an objective and on its own, is pointless and harmful. To quiet my mind I first need to forget about doing it completely. I need to observe myself directly, to overcome the fear of dealing with who I am, which is extremely difficult. So as the first step, I have to feel outside directly.

Went to South Carolina for a Kyudo seminar for a couple of days. I have to write about it but I am very busy. I had very interesting, and typically saddening, observations. I am not sure I can write all of them because of some confidentiality issues I personally feel. I was very depressed when I came back to Atlanta.

Anyway, maybe sometime I write about them, if I remember ...


  1. It is very counter-intuitive and difficult to explain, but going after spirituality is, in my experience, very counterproductive. It is almost like this: Spirituality can only be a by-product of a way of living ...

  2. I think spiritually, as it is known these days, is the art of not believing in god and still feel good.


  3. that may be true,
    but then, even looking for "feeling good" may have the same issue ...

    or maybe i am tired of "looking for" things, instead of simply living the life!!


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