Sunday, January 04, 2009


When I confront powerful forces, like J.S.Bach's Orchestral Suite No.1, it is not a good idea to give in and immerse myself in its power, something that I have been doing since I remember. In such a confrontation, I must keep a balance, a reasonable distance for a good battle. The fantasy of being "absorbed" by/in anything, is just a fantasy that comes from my ignorance about life and at the best results in a short period of ecstasy. A good battle, on the other hand, polishes and improves toward a long lasting state of wonder.

Glen Gould:

"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction pf a state of wonder and serenity."


  1. Why is that a fantasy? Doesn't that mean the "life" has some rigid and definite nature? Isn't this resistance some sort of deprivation from a joyous state you can be in?

  2. I used to wonder how could I simulate the same kind of concentration/absorption, that I got with a good novel or movie, from work. But then I realized that the whole idea is not much different from getting high with a drug and the crash after ....

    There are many things that I do not necessarily experiment with, like heroin, which induce extreme pleasure ... is that deprivation, sure, but seems reasonable to me

    Life has quite a few rigid rules, in my view, such as physical laws of nature


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