Wednesday, December 03, 2008


  • Arash and family visited us for the Thanksgiving holidays, it was a very pleasant visit and on top of that I learned a lot!
  • Someone broke into Sima's car a few days ago and stole her purse. She lost a few cards, some of them important. This, plus a couple of other events, made the past couple of days very stressful, and I plunged into deep depression a couple of times!!!! But I am very upset with some of my own reactions. In some instances (not always :) I was quite unfair to her: instead of fully supporting her I became critical and judgmental. Even though at those moments I could feel that I was not doing the right thing.
  • I finally spotted the downtown hawk from a close distance (5-10 meters) while she was eating a pigeon, on a very cold morning. Anyway, I believe she is a juvenile, female, cooper hawk. Unfortunately I did not have my camera so the following picture is from web but is very close to what I observed:


  1. sorry to hear about the burglary ordeal.

    and i repeat my suggestion: get a camera cellphone. You would carry that all the time no matter what.

  2. cellphone camera is not fair ... to the object being photographed :)

  3. It was a pleasant trip for all of us too. It's interesting to hear your learning experience as I learned a lot during those days. More interesting is how these learning takes place with not explicit communication.

  4. O, I love these birds too. Even though I am a huge admirer of them, a while ago, walking with my partner, I noticed something very amusing that I have to share it with you:

    We were walking down the street when I noticed some odd flying patterns of some crows on the tall edge of the roof of one of the office buildings. Interested, I noticed a small hawk, sitting on that edge and being attacked by a flock of circling crows. It stayed there for some rounds of attacks and flew off after.

    I was so amazed by the team action from the cows side that I started cheering and applauding the creatures like a mad man clapping his hands on the street and shouting and talking to some invisible audience :-)

  5. Some of the smaller crows are super aggressive, I have seen them chasing hawks that are much bigger than them!

    To me nature is amazing, most valuable lessons can be learned from nature ...


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