Friday, December 12, 2008


  • I have a title for a short story: "The story of a woman whose breasts envied each other". I do not know what's in it except for the image of a woman growing like a tree from earth. Pretty lame, huh?
  • Two observations regarding my internal conversations:
  1. It is in both English and Persian, but mostly English!
  2. At late night, it is very discontinuous: Few complete sentences, mostly short phrases and images!!!
  • In a program on public television: things to improve "willpower" (among other items):
  1. Keep blood sugar from dropping too low!
  2. Get enough sleep
  • I do not enjoy classical music with voice (opera, etc.) with the exception of Mozart's "Requiem". It is an amazing piece of music.
  • If you have listened and enjoyed J.S.Bach's "Orchestral Suites", here they are performed by a "guitar quartet". (I cannot imagine someone dies without hearing "Requiem" and "Orchestral Suites", but I am a spoiled, snobbish, SOB, anyway :)

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