Thursday, December 04, 2008

M & M

Today a colleague of mine (former mathematician) told me about "Maryam Mirzakhani". He thought she is on her way to get a "Fields Medal". She has full professorship at Stanford at the age of 31! Some links:


Popular Science

Former web page at Princeton (Assistant Professor)


  1. I recently saw her name in the list of famous Persian women (
    She must be amazing!
    And I love these kinds of unique women.

  2. I was impressed as well, and for some reason I wanted to keep a record of my impression :)

  3. She eas my friend in IRAN. I am proud of her. she has a real beautiful mind!

  4. Very nice, I would imagine that ... she was a few generations after mine in Sharif so I do not know her except for the news I read from her

  5. Nihil Nimus??? So the Impossibility has changed!

  6. Come on, even before "Nihil Nimus" it was "Nested Cuckoo ..." ! :) Impossibility is inherent to the way I look at everything ...

    This new title is my tribute to a very interesting book I am reading now ;)


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