Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Attachments and Uncertainty

Amazing quote from "Nihil Nimus", but first some preliminaries to clear the context:

Moderating overattachments "means easing off blind needs for perfectionism and its overidentification with our work. It mean keeping some emotional and intellectual distance from [our work] , particularly in its formative stages. It mean working patiently and tolerantly, with a sense of playfulness and humor. It means letting go to allow more openness to alternatives, even to criticism."

Now the main quote:

" Overattachment builds when we grasp for short-term relief from doubt; it moderates as we let go of needs for certainty. This means more than nonattachment from blind hopes for comfortable experience at every moment. It also means giving up the false expectations that insecurity and pain can be eliminated. And it demands relaxing amid the unpredictability and uncontrollability of real life. Specifically, it requires clearly seeing that panic and embarrassment are of little help when things don't work out. Other mindful acts that help overcome this mindless attachment are insight and compassion---insight about the costs of indulging addictions to immediate relief; compassion in replacing those frenzied hopes with direct, honest relationships, even with our own selves."


  1. You're enticing me to read this book, even though the title of the book says it's not for me :)

  2. I am writing the good parts for you here, why do you want to read the whole book? :)

    I know this is very extreme, but sometimes I think books and words are very superficial, once you develop something within, they may help you to crystallize it ... I read part of this book 3 years ago and did -NOT- connect with it at all! Now I find pleasure in reading every chapter of it ...


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