Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kyudo Bird

We see a "Ruby-crowned Kinglet" (picture above) around the Kyudo dojo quite often. It appeared first a few weeks ago and in the beginning used to sit on the arrows that were shot, on/around the targets. Later it became friendlier and now flies and sits around the dojo while we shoot arrows!

Today, at the end of practice I stayed to shoot two more arrows, so dojo was very quiet and peaceful. As I was starting to get prepared I heard the bird from behind. When I was about to knock the arrow, it flew and sat over the arrow. It stayed on my arrow for the whole time (about 1 minute) from raising the bow until I shot the arrow. It was a totally new and amazing experience to see the bird on the arrow (from a 50 cm distance!) the whole time I was going through the shooting rituals ...

"Ed sensei" is in fact an artist, a superb photographer, and a well-known expert in the Japanese art of "Netsuke". (Relatively rare characteristics for a martial art sensei! Also check this out: Anyway, he has been interested in knowing what the name of the bird is, so I emailed him the following link (has very nice photos of common birds in Atlanta),
suggesting that the bird may be a "Ruby-crowned Kinglet".

Here is his reply:

Hi Reza, What a great web source to find. I agree with your pick. Glad that you had a little private time with the little guy yesterday. How cool is that!!!! Yours in Kyudo, Ed


  1. How are you doing cuckoo jan?
    Seems you are pretty busy with targets and arrows these days!
    How does it feel?

  2. I am doing fine, how about you?

    I play tennis and practice Kyudo each once a week, that has been my dose of physical activity for the last month or so :)

    Both Kyudo and tennis are lots of fun, but in Kyudo I am super lucky to have a couple of best in the US as teachers, it makes a lot of difference!

    If you can find a "very good" teacher for an activity (physical or otherwise) that you like, give it a try, it can become an amazing experience ...


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