Friday, November 07, 2008

Basics: First Story!

I start with the more boring story:

I have the habit of looking out of my window at the beautiful downtown scene while working. So a couple of years after I started my new job, in 2006, I came to notice some crazy flight patterns among pigeons flying in a large group. Finally, I discovered the source, a couple of hawks in the area.

So I started watching the interaction between hawks and pigeons. (I have written a few times about them, and I even have an unfinished story with photos regarding hawks hunting pigeons.) Amazingly, this bird watching became the source of some changes in my view of the world. It not only amplified my understanding of "living in now" (the randomness basic), but it revealed the necessity behind it: If a pigeon does not live in now, it will be soon killed! This points at the superficiality of other three basics if you drop the competition. But more importantly, it is instructive to watch a hawk try to hunt pigeons many times during one hour, unsuccessfully, something I cannot explain is in the continuous effort to live and survive ...

Here is an old post with a nice quote.


  1. Couple of months ago, I couldn't understand why you emphasize so on "randomness". Now I see the way you relate it to "living in now".
    Well, I'm so happy we have a lot to discuss during thanksgiving :)

  2. believe it or not, these ideas seem to have their own lives, evolving into new things :)


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