Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I realized that "self-hatred" is a very strong word, so I decided to search a little on self-criticism and here are a couple of interesting pieces:

A piece on the relation between being self-critical and perfectionism: Well, this is close to my situation, at least :) This is more about perfectionism, but it is actually a nice simple read.

A piece on creativity (in art) and being self-critical:
This seems to be the result of an study, more rigorous but less related?

This is an academic piece which is somehow related. I actually found the paper very interesting, but it is a more difficult read.


  1. Well; I know a lot of people who do not like themselves; but it does not necessarily mean they HATE themselves… and I believe that most of us are not satisfied with our SELVES. How can we get rid of them? I don't know…
    Every morning I wake up with the hope to see a better me and say hello to the better girl that I have become; but it is just a nice dream; a nice dream…

  2. you are right, I corrected myself about hating and downgraded it to dislike :)
    I am not sure if something can be done necessarily, maybe that is the way for us to keep improving !?

  3. "that is the way for us to keep improving !?"

    is what the mind uses to justify self-criticism.

    I believe we have to get to a point that we love ourselves no matter what our achievements are. Long way to go for me though :)

  4. I used to fully agree with you, until a couple of weeks ago that something made me doubtful ... I am going to explain that event in a post if/when I get some time

  5. I just had a chance to read the articles. The NYT article was really interesting for me, specially the 3 categories of perfectionist. Thanks for sharing!


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