Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Films

I have seen during the past few months, and I have already forgotten some of them, so before I forget them all:

  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer:  Strange, dark film, I liked it despite low reviews, even reminded me of "No country for old men" ... a story of amorality of perfection
  • Noise: There are many films with this title. This one is from an Australian director, and on the surface is a detective film. However, its pace is not of an American detective movie, and is more contemplative. I liked some elements of the film very much.
  • I want someone to eat cheese with: Kind of a small love affair with Chicago, a quirky offbeat romantic comedy!


  1. I have seen the first 2 ones; and liked both of them...
    No country for old men is really great!
    I should try the other 2 ones you mentioned; and if they are chosen by the same taste, I will like them, too!

    :) thanks for sharing and be happy.

  2. Did you really like "Perfume:" and "No country .."? In my limited sample of ladies who seen "no country", most hated it :)

    Anyway, "old country ..." is a 'prefect' movie in many respects, the other movies I mentioned are more average, yet they had some elements that I liked ...

    Hope you enjoy them!

  3. I really liked "No country..."; but as you said, most of my female friends hated it!
    Maybe that's why I cannot count on my taste as the representative of the majority of ladies!

    Be Good!


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