Friday, September 12, 2008


I hardly find animals ugly, even crocodiles, snakes, and such. I cannot stand some of them, like roaches, but that is another story.

I hate stories whose good and bad characters are animals. I can go so far to say that any story that makes some animals good and some bad indicate something fundamentally wrong about its writer view of the world ... :)


  1. Even this one?

  2. I am impressed ... how did you find this?

  3. ok! But you know what I think about the characters in the stories? I think they are not telling us that some kinds of animals are origionaly good or bad; they are just symbols of mankind behaviors...
    As we are different in different situations, they react differently, too!

  4. You are right, our stories often project human characters and behavior onto animals, and they are stories anyway :)

    However, I personally like animals and do not appreciate when they are made into these characters.
    To me, animals struggle to survive has a purity, even a beauty, to it, beyond their appearance, etc.


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