Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Story Telling

I can repeat a simple thought, an observation, over and over and it ultimately becomes a "cliche" (which I referred to as a mystery earlier). Story telling is a genius way of getting around this problem. In extreme, story telling is one of the most novel human creations, and among the most effective ways of communication!

Example: Life truly happens in small events, the bigger are events to our eyes the more hallow and superficial they are

This is a simple observation, I can
 repeat it many times but it does not mean more with repeating ...

Story: I broke the string of my 9 kg bow on Sunday. We were invited to the
 sensei's house far from the city in woods for fun and practice. (Sima took these pictures:) The environment was so peaceful that I got greedy and practiced too much and broke the string.
Anyway, today I had to practice with a heavier, 12 kg bow, and the result was a disaster. I dropped many arrows. I lost my form, and also the level of ease and confidence that I had gained with the 9kg bow. Small things would go wrong, and very delicate imbalance would interrupt my shooting.
Well, this is all good because it is part of the fun and challenge and students have to upgrade every once in a while. But the mechanism is important here. The vital role of small elements in the true balance of the shooting. This is how life is, small things make the balance of life!

Now, instead of repeating the same claim/observation, I need to find better stories that carry what I feel. That is how story telling improves our communication :)


  1. Words are how we think; stories are how we link."
    – Christina Baldwin


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